Comfort Technology

Just knowing of an upcoming dental appointment can be stressful enough for some people to freak out, cancel their appointment, and never go to the dentist again. Bright lights, grinding sounds, scraping, and x-rays all contribute to the uneasy feel some patients get. Believe us. We understand. Unfortunately, the alternative of not receiving regular check-ups can be far worse!

That’s why we’ve taken steps to make sure your visits with us are as comfortable as possible. You will realize this the second you arrive at our office. Have a seat in our comfortable living room reception area; enjoy a cup of coffee or ice water and chat with us at the front desk. You won’t find yourself alone in a closed off room behind a frosted glass door. We engage with all of our patients the moment they walk through the front door.

Comfort in the dental operatory is equally important. Lay back and relax in a soft and comfortable leather dental chair. Many of our patients doze off and have to be stirred by their hygienist! If you’re chilly, we have blankets. If you’d like to listen to music, we’ll provide headphones for your phone or offer you a radio and headset. Our digital x-ray system makes taking images a breeze and with very little exposure even for the most worrisome patient.

Read our reviews if you have any doubt. We take pride in the effort we extend to make our patients comfortable, and they will tell you so!

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