We’ve all heard about George Washington’s wooden teeth.  Fortunately, for George, they were not made out of wood, but out of a variety of materials over the course of his life.  Unfortunately, for George however, his dentures gave him nothing but trouble.  The good news is that today’s dentures are made of reliable, natural looking materials that have proven, over time, to be one successful remedy for an individual with complete or partial tooth loss.

The loss of one’s teeth is often times more than just a blow to self-image; it also causes an increased risk of developing nutritional problems and other systemic health disorders.  Dentures are just one of several options available to replacing missing teeth; we’ve already discussed fixed bridgework and implants.  Regardless of your condition, if you wish to replace missing teeth, all options will be discussed.  Dr. Degnen will review the pros and cons of each so you can make a fully considered decision for your treatment.

There are many types of dentures, each of which serves to handle different patient needs – Immediate Dentures, Conventional Full Dentures, Implant-Supported Overdentures; which one is right for you will depend on your situation.  If your need is to replace just a few missing teeth, then a Partial Denture might be an option for you.

Whatever your situation, Dr. Degnen will work with you and the dental lab technician to re-create your natural looking smile and assure that all fits well and is working properly.

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